Torsten Unveils New Pop Single, "Release Me" 

Label: Bentley Records

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Torsten's style of music is quite a unique one. He blends different musical elements and influences. Especially influences from musicians like Michael Jackson, Michael Bublé, Mozart, and Ludwig Van Beethoven. His influences and musical thirst span across styles and musical eras, from pop to classical music. 

"Release me" is a mid-tempo pop tune with catchy lyrics and a somewhat elevating melody. Just as the song title suggests, the song talks about freedom and die-hard resistance to an unwanted and forced upon kind of change. The beginning lines waste no time in establishing a clear message, as it clearly says: 

"You want to change me, I don't agree/ I like the way I am, Can't you see?..." 

Torsten being an artist with a truckload of musical influences paints a rather vivid but also very colorful picture with this song. He has put together influences from different musical styles and musicians, which is typical of his compositions. He grew up listening to all kinds and types of music; his musical taste cuts across all genre lines. Torsten grew up listening to musicians like Michael Jackson, Michael Bublé, Wolfgang Mozart, and Ludwig Van Beethoven. How much these talented musicians have influenced him cannot be overstated.

"You got a vision of me in your head, whatever I try I can't live up to that…" 

The simplicity in the song's lyrics and melody only makes it very absorbable for even the least sophisticated mind. The simplicity exerts a significant force in pushing this song's message right into the listeners' minds. The Chorus is more or less an anthem, as it is significantly very catchy and short and wastes no time in establishing the core message of the song: 

"Release me, I don't wanna be what you want me to be/ Release me, Release me, I like the way I used to be," 

The instrumental on its own is quite simple, with no melodic or harmonic distractions. Torsten uses a relatively simple, pure, straightforward, and less colored vocal style that aims at giving a soothing feeling while delivering the ultimate message, "Release Me."


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