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Torsten Sings His Heart Out In “Release Me” 




“Release Me” is about unconditional love and patching up wounds. 

Torsten is a singer/songwriter that makes some pretty powerful pop music. While you’re going to appreciate his voice, I think it is his warm soul that will really strike a chord with you. In Torsten’s latest single, “Release Me,” he talks about the relationship issues that come with distrust. 

“Release Me” gives me 80s pop vibes. The song features a synth-heavy/upbeat instrumental that I can see Marty McFly loving, a David Bowie-Esque vocal performance, and timeless-sounding melodies. The song also features lyrics that will make you want to mend the issues that you have with your partner. All in all, I really enjoy how “Release Me” blends highly infectious dance vibes with emotional vibes.

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Hi to all my New Musicfamily Members!I would like to invite you, to leave comments about my page, my content, anything you have in mind.

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Happy Easter! 

It's Easter time! 

Children look for eggs, families come together (where possible). 
And everything is a little more relaxed at these times. 

How did you spend your Easter time? 
I would be happy if you would write here how you experienced Easter this year! 

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"New Song" Releasedate! 

Hi all my Followers, Friends, Fans & Supporters!

Im so happy to announce, that the Label has given me the planed Releasedate

for my New Song "Release Me".

It will be released on the 03/10/2021!

So stay tuned, i believe you will Love it as i do!

Warm regards


New Release on 01/20/21 

Hi Followers, Friends and Supporters!


My New Song "Just getting started" feat, my Brother Lyon_Kings will be released on 01/20/21

and is very different to my other songs.


Stay tuned, more is to come!


Grettings Torsten